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Steeped in Blood by David Klatzov

Posted: 25 April 2014 / 01:52
The best best book I've read this year! 

David Klatzov is a South African forensic scientist who has investigated some 3000 cases since the 1960's.

In this book David takes us through the cases he  was asked to examine during the Apartheid era. He covers the Death Squads, Vlakplaas, the Cradock four murder,The Gugulethu Seven murders and the Trojan Horse Massacre. 

What I  found truly amazing about David  Klatzow is he's unwavering moral compass He is not afraid to call the Apartheid police murderers,when this is the case and pass judgement on the Loyers, judges  and prosecutors who allowed injustices to occur.

In an early chapter he takes on large insurance companies and illustrates how, time and again they will try to avoid paying out genuine claims.He also explains the ins and outs of forensic fire investigation. A section I found particularly interesting.

The book also covers the Brett Kebble, Helderburg and Inge Lotz case

All in all, a fabulous book. It not only informs and entertains but,has a strong moral conscience. David Klatzov is one of the few men who is prepared to take on authority and write about 


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