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Posted: 07 November 2012 / 09:31
I am ashamed to say, I caved in to the hype. I am now dumber because of it, and
trust me when I say I do not have an IQ point to spare.

I read the books to see what te fuss was about and I was absolutely bored a few
chapters in. The writing is terrible, much like Twilight, and clearly has signs of an over
used Thesaurus. I dont think I have ever seen the word "mercurial" used so much. I was
sure by the end of it the twist would be that Christian was no longer attracted to Anna
because she had chewed her lip off....or at leastthat was the impression i got since biting her lip her lip eas mentioned every few paragraphs...

If you take out the parts where the female character is blushing or chewing her lips, this book will be down to 50 pages.. Ok, its not the worst book in the world. I will admit that, I have always been intrigued by SMS/BDSM, and there are not many books out there about it, because it is "taboo..." It is really no different than any Mills and Boon romance/sexy novel. They don't alwyas have the best grammar, but in the end its all about sex!!

My biggest gripe is that so many girls i hear talking about it, have at one point saidnthat if their significant other looked at porn, it would make them feel insecure, and if though they have cheated in some way! And also that they do not allow porn in their relationship.

Thats all fine and dandy, if that is how you want to run your life and relationship. But dont be a hipocrite about it. FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY is porn.! Just because it is written and not photographic, doesn't make it less pornographic!!

So,..did I like it???.. Lets just say it left me thirsty...


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