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ESCAPE - Carolyn Jessops

Posted: 15 May 2012 / 09:26
Anyone who thought mother's day was a let down and is feeling a little depressed needs to read this book!  The usual difficulties I face as a wife and mother pale in comparison to Carolyn Jessop's role as wife of a fundamental "Latter Day Saint" and mother of 8 children. "Escape" is a fascinating autobiography of a woman born into a polygamist cult who starts to question her worth as a woman and mother within the religion.  As the cult grows more and more extreme Carolyn starts to plot a daring escape from her husband, his many other wives over 100 children!

As non-fiction goes this is pretty riveting stuff!  I was anxiously turning pages until way after my bed-time and finished the book with a sense of gratitude for my own freedom of choice and expression.

I would highly recommend this book to every mother! 


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